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Pocket and sliding door- their types

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A Sliding Pocket Doors is a very characteristic sliding door system. Indeed,the opening system is designed so that the door, when open, slides between the walls of a wall partition. Thus the door panel disappears into the thickness of the wall, which saves a little more space because the space that is usually behind the door can be used to place different decorative objects or home furnishings. This new free space can also be left as such. This will make the interior of the house much more airy.


As its name suggests, a sliding pocket doors has no hinges. It consists of a panel, usually made of wood, which is also called a leaf, and slides along a rail. Leaves that can slide in the same or opposite direction, as well as one or more rails, can also form a sliding door. The movement is ensured by trolleys with wheels fixed on the panel. Limit stops make it possible to stop these carriages with wheels, thus stopping the movement of the leaf.

The different types of sliding door and their characteristics

Two main types of sliding doors exist:

The sliding door applies: The rail and the leaves are always visible on a wall face because it is on the latter that the metal rail is fixed. From the cost point of view, the implementation of such a system does not require major work and the price of kits necessary for its implementation is reasonable. In addition, this type of door can be made on a house under renovation. However, once opened, an overlay sliding door occupies a lot of space against the wall. It is not advisable to place a plug or switch at this point.


The sliding door system, also called a Sliding Door: To allow the panel to disappear completely when the door is opened, a metal structure called a pocket frame is incorporated in the partition. This system is composed of one or more aluminum rails in the upper part. The bottom rail ensures good guidance, especially if the door is a bit heavy.

This type of door requires extensive masonry work. Indeed, for full opening, the door must fit completely into the wall or partition. A kit for this kind of door is composed of an aluminum rail which will be placed on the upper part, the bulkhead with the box and the door stop. Thus, it is recommended to those who want to create a separation in a large room or those who want to build one fora new home.


Many variants of retractable sliding doors are currently available on the market. We can mention among others:

· The retractable sliding door with double rail or retractable sliding telescopic door that divides by two the space required in the partition. Versions for two or four panels are also available. However, the presence of double rail is a major drawback.


· The semi-folding retractable sliding door is very practical for a very narrow partition. Only part of the door is hidden. As for the other party, it remains beating, but occupies little space.

· The curved retractable sliding door is very successful in terms of aesthetics. It is the ultimate. This type of high-end sliding door saves space in beauty.


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